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Monday, 8 February 2010

Off to China!

Heyo just a quick update to show what I've been up to these days, will do another more detailed post with more pics at a later date:D

The Patch Together competition and various advice inspired me to make my own prototypes so this was a sneak preview of sorts for now^-^
A big shout out and thanks to Pete Fowler, Mark, Dave and Kate for supplying the inspiration, fimo, advice and modelling tips^-^

A big thank you for everyone who voted for my Patch Together entry.
It made me happy that so many people voted, so once again for your support, it is very much appreciated.

I'm off to China tomorrow for Chinese New Year for 2 weeks and a bit so shall see you all soon!

Happy Chinese New Year 2010 everyone!

(comic panel image from Eiichiro Oda's One Piece -
which is amazing and most definately worth reading!)


Inspector Marmalade said...

Have a great time in China dude and HAPPY NEW YEAR for next week! Hope everything is going well with the family, see you soon buddy! -sending plenty of arm pokes and cups of tea- xxx

Linz said...

you created a 3-D model! *raises hand frantically* i want one! and have a wonderful time in China!