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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Web site is up! Hooray!

After many hours of reading, Dreamweaver trial and error and lots of faffling about...
I'm pleased to announce as of today www.andywongillustration is online!^-^ Hooray!
Please check it out!


Deb said...

super! looks good andy and moves about very well. easy to navigate. just needs few minor tweaks. you are a webside building master now! dx.

Nashira said...

It's aliiiiiiiiiive! =D

Cool site! I can't seem to scroll down through your pictures on the site, is it a glitch or is it just me?

Jennie said...

This is super!

draw-a-rama said...

nice andy - am pretty jealous of the rollovers/replace image - very neat.

off to find out how you do this in GoLive XX