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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Finally...Colour! 2/3 comlpete

(2/3 complete)
This image was a personal request from a friend who is moving into new house and is going to be eventually put on her wall (& is the 4th attempt at a working colour pallette)
Its been a rough and tumble process trying to get this image coloured,
When i first started colouring this i was optimistic i would get it done in a reasonable amount of time, but due to unforseen cicumstances I didnt realise how working full-time would effect my working method (and has led me to question my own abilities & professionalism)

I ended trying to colour the original image after long long hours of working so i'd be very tired whilst colouring and ended up maing very sloppy mistakes and colour choices.
I eventually decided to scrap that verison and start again from scratch as i didn't think it was fair of me to give a half-hearted piece to my freind and so when I've had adequete time to myself I've re-coloured this image and this is the current result & all the flatcolours are done now:D

I'm alot more hapier with the colours in this version so now just the details...

on a happier note: on the 27th August it was my 21st birthday (2 weeks ago) just worked on the day though:( - quite fitting way entering the world of adulthood


Jennie said...

Happy Birthday! Colours look lovely on this!


Neil Harvey-Hughes Illustration said...

happy birthday Andy for back then. Feels odd to be out of uni and out trying to getting work published isnt it, but sure you will do well.
Keep up the good work and all the best.


Noel Belknap said...

hey andy how have you been?
nice picture. i like this version of the color.

Alice The Pixie Alien said...

Oh you're such a hero Andy!! I love your stuff sooooo much!! good work! (also I saw your cousin the other day!!!) lots of love x