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Thursday, 14 August 2008

work in progress

Hopefully get this done tonight...O.O;; currently in middle of adding colour.
This is the lineart of a pic for a personal job I've been asked to do


Jennie said...

Yey yey yey! Ace stuff Andy! Sorry to be such a bully! Loving the dynamic composition - it all works really well!


Deb said...

yay! new work by mister andy. i remember seeing the thumbnails in your sketchbook. the linew work is very very strong andy. i cant wait to see it in colour. dx.

Joe said...

Yay, some new stuff on the ol' blog, eh Andy?

Looks good to my philistine eye, even though I'm not a particular fan of fairies (faeries?).

Looks to me like the one on the left is the boss. It's got a flower crown and everything.

ali graney said...

lovely andy! x

Inspector Marmalade said...

-shines up my 'moombaduo's biggest fan' badge- keep up the great work andy!! know you've been busy working alot but this is going to look amazing when its finished! illustrator.. oohh yeah!