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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Sapp takes Flight

Sapp takes flight!
this is the last spread in the book so this is goodbye to these guys in regards to this story
its been fun:D


ladysnail said...

phwoar. i saw this one in colouring action yesterday. sequel andy? dx.

moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

Indeed we'll have to have another beast work blitz at some point:D

One day probally see Chappy Mustache again at some point in the future sharing tea with other folk
I was contemplating a story about the inflatables...aint seen those folk in a while ^-^

Inspector Marmalade said...

the colour's are really nice, so warm! perfect end page andy! great job! you have worked so hard on that book I am so happy you got it finished, now its vanity, (imagine this in the voice of the snake guy off fruits basket) hoohoohoohohoho its all about you andy dear! xox


That's such a wonderfull image. Fist time here. I loved the idea behind the images.

Sil Saraiva