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Thursday, 17 April 2008

"We made it guys!"

...Young Sapling and his frineds reach the top with the help of the Treeman (I've decided to name the Treeman- Petef:D) and so young sapling's plant finally grows^-^

This image was fun to draw and colour this is the 4th in the series, when I drew this image I accidently drew Petef's left hand wheras when I checked the previous image he was using his right to lift Sapling & co :p so I flipped it the image to correct this:D


there will be one more of Sapling's future adventures after this one and maybe a few to show the start of the journey


Jennie said...

Fun and lively illustrations!


ladysnail said...

andy-your work is top notch! your colouring and line work is great. all that hard work of drawing and drawing is strating to produce some amazing ideas and illustrations. dx.