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Friday, 11 April 2008

Treeman's foot- a quiet break interupted

The adventure continues for young Sapling and his friends Ratty Mapp and Chap. Y. Tache, as they search to find a higher place to allow the plant on his head to grow.
Their break is cut short as they're interupted as by a large wooden foot crashing down...

Took me while to colour this but happy how it turned out as I got the colours I wanted eventually:D



Jennie said...

Hi Andy,

This is fun, I like it! You guys work so hard!

Thanks ever so much for the advice on the blog title - I have managed to upload a doodle I made in Illustrator.

Take care,


Mith said...

I'm really liking your recent works, this is one of your best! Really like the way the tree on the right has been coloured. Keep it up man!!

Inspector Marmalade said...

awesome!! I've got my print up on my wall! weeee ^_^

madtriad said...

You've created a good atmosphere with the lighting. Good job *thumbs up*

Javmango said...

I love how u have done the trees mate, they're amazing, the mushrooms in the foreground really help give depth to the composition :D