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Sunday, 16 March 2008

Ste The Sailor ver.1

Continuing with the pipe smoking theme: the natural progression from Mr Ben Roberts would be Mr Ste Kerrigan smoking a pipe. Again trying to experiment with the new colouring style and messing about trying to make a more complete image with backgroundy stuff are two verions of the same, although not too sure which to use if (I am going to use them that is:P)

conisdering the cabin fever and uminspered spells of frustration I've had this week a bit of 'Eye of the Tiger' from Rocky really gets you pumping to finish stuff!:D A Good remedy, I highly reccommend it!


Jennie said...

Hi Andy!

Like your work too; it's super - really fresh and fun! Can I pop a link to your blog on my blog?


moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

Glad you like it,thank you for your kind comments, yeah feel free to put up a link I'd be honoured^-^

Hope your having a good easter holiday and catch you soon:)

DJR said...

Hey sweetie pie. Your works come on brilliantly since I last saw you. Keep it up, you, me and ben should have a doodle jam during easter.

It's Dave Roberts by the way ;)

Jennie said...

Hi Andy!

Well actually I am teaching at college this week, but I love my job..the students won a competition this week! We are all really proud!

Have a super Easter!


Jennie said...

where did my comment go?

it has dissappeared! I am confused now.

Any way, have a lovely easter andy!


Draw-a-rama said...

I prefer the top one andy, look at all these chaps, at least one should have a monacle. I'm a bit obsessed with monacles. Put a monacle on and see better out of one eye!

Mith said...

Hey, just cheackin out the site my man... You know I'm gonna have to get you to make me some portraits for my characters!! See you tuesday mate