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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Postive Future- Amelia's Magazine Brief

This image is for a live brief for Amelia's Magazine with the theme of a Postive future in a utopian environment.
Inflatable city- enjoy! :D


EDIT. added more to the sea to make it look more like water and added highlights to some of the buildings.


Draw-a-rama said...

...your colour work is coming on in leaps and bounds and inflateable bounces!

ladysnail said...

brilliant positive future andy. it looks so fun. dx.

Inspector Marmalade said...

hehe totally love those robots, great job andy! xox

Javmango said...

ZOMG big medic robot healing inflatables... :D aces. Oh btw did u change the water? It looks way more water like than when I last saw it.
I think this is one of my favourite drawings that u have done

moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

thankies everyone for your comments and advice:D

To Javmango: I changed the water by adding layers of darker swatched colours at different opacity and layered them up. For the reflectiony parts I used a brush tool and then erased the lines to draw a more defined shape

DJR said...

This is awesome- how do you colour your pictures?

moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

I did the colouring for this on photoshop, I scanned the lineart in then added the colours on various layers:D