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Friday, 29 February 2008

Namazu (Beasts entry)

My second entry for the Beast Book Vol 2: 'The Namazu'

Mythical Giant catfish which lives in the mud beneath the earth whose trashing causes violent earthquakes. The Japanese God Kashima is supposed to guard it and hold it in place with a stone and when his guard drops the namabozu thrashes about.

Many Thankies to Kate for the list of creatures from which I got the ideas, Debbie for feedin me
and Yen and Mark for keepin me company whilst doin the image^-^


Valerie said...

hi there!

I like your concept, how funny! Your style is nice too :) Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving that nice comment!

happy drawing, cheers!


moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

Thanks very much for the nice comment and the visit:D
happy drawing to you too ^-^ hope you dont mind but I'll be poppin over to your blog by to check it out everynow and again.
Have a good un^-^