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Friday, 25 January 2008

Introducing The Inflatables!

Its been a while since I did some creature characters, so for the upcoming Animex festival I thought I'd draw some pieces, one such drawing was the intial sketch for these creatures. After talking to Ali and others (thanks again guys:D)for help forming a brief/narative to place them in, I pushed the inflatable idea and come up with these guys:D

Boy they sure love gambling^-^

Here's a flat colour version, I quite enjoy using both styles of colouring but this style is faster



Draw-a-rama said...

That's quick work andy, all hail the inflatables! ha ha cute!

inspector_marmalade said...

I love your quick quirky characters andy! hehe wonder if you could atually buy an inflatable puffer fish suit, that would be ace! xox

ladysnail said...

wicked andy. the colouring is alot more stronger on these. i think you will have lots of fun drwaing more inflatable friends. dx.