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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

I wish...

For the external brief this semester I chose the 'Paul Davis' Book project. The project aims are to produce a 16 page A3 hardback book about yourself.
After various advice, ideas, head scratching and a few pokes here and there, I decided to base the book upon observational drawing. Each image is going to be based around a ' I wish I could...' situation, here are two of the images:

"I wish..."

"I wish I had more interesting stories to tell..."

with 2 down 14 more to go and the clock is ticking... beep beep beep beep "where's my daughter!?!" - Jack Bauer


fishbot said...

can i suggest you try some blind contour drawing, where you draw with out looking at the page and keeping the pen contacting the paper. it might be interesting how that effects your work. and i'd like to do some color tests if its okay. do you mind if i try coloring a piece?

moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

sweet! that sounds interesting I'll be sure to give that a go^-^ thankies for the advice
Yeah! that'd be really great thanks as I'm tryin to use colour more effectively these days. So any help is always very much appreciated^-^ I'll send you some sneaky line art via email:)