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Monday, 17 December 2007


phew! managed to put up the work for the exhibiton^-^ joy! just hope all the late nights have payed off...


inspector_marmalade said...

Hey Andy, thank you for the loveley comments!
Your exhibition looked great Andy! I know you were stuggling for a while to find a way of colouring your images that everyone was happy with but I think the solution you came to for the personal book is the best one, it highlights your strong drawing ability without making the image too much to look at, its great! thumbs up Andy lid! many a alinigher was pulled and I think we all did great the exhibtion was ace, what I can remember anyway ^_^ I hope you are enjoying your well earned holiday! you know I cant wait to make a brew back in the old foundry hehe sad but true! xoxox

Anthony said...