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Monday, 19 November 2007

Mr Mark, Mr Dave and Ms Kate

Went to Sketch City event in manchester with Dave, Mark, Kate and Joe yesterday(shall put pics up at a later date) Whilst we're sitting in Night & Day i realise that I'd left my sketchbook at my folks place-_-; meh foolish of me. However it was about time I got a new one, so I picked up one with these colour pages in them.
Here's some sketches of Dave, Mark and Kate on them whilst at Sketch City.


ladysnail said...

cool sketches of dave, kate and mark. i the one of mark is very good. dx.

inspector_marmalade said...

great sketches andy, my hair looks good ^_^
your right deb! it looks just like him

ladysnail said...

i meant to type, 'i think the one of mark is very good' dx. sorry for the typing mistakes. dx.