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Thursday, 25 October 2007


I did this picture sat on a wall this afternoon of a local pub near my uni( you can see the libary
just to the right!^-^) took about an hour and a half drawing to finish. I remember just looking up at my watch and an hour ahd passed since I started!
I find moments like that, getting lost in the picture whilst just sitting there on the wall drawing, reminded me of why I love to draw. Depsite all the people walking past and noise of the cars driving past, just being there in the moment, concentrating on the drawing really puts you in a real clear peaceful state of mind:D

anyways enough I'll stop there as I'm sure I'm already freaking some pople out^-^ heheh

"Andy ya weirdo!" >.<

1 comment:

inspector_marmalade said...

Awesome drawing Andy!, we need to find you some gloves though if your going to be out and about drawing all the time in this cold weather, your fingers will freeze off! .... or atleast get abit cold and we certainly dont want that! x